Thursday, August 11, 2011

Historic Moment. I PERSONALLY CONFRONTED OBAMA -- 666 beast -- today

Obama came to Holland, MI to speak at a Johnson Control plant. I was positioned right across the street (two lane street) from the exit he came out of. I was carrying a sign that said, "I am the Romans 13 Authority -- not you, 666 beast". At the top, it had a really cool bumper sticker I worked into the sign: a cross crushing and breaking a red devil trident -- and it said, "Victory is Imminent" and gave scripture.

I was wearing a Christian t-shirt with a big cross on the front and back. Says, "Loyal to ONE - God's only Son" Quotes Acts 4:12.

So the Obama motorcade pulls out. Two limos flanked front and back by big white SUV's. I'm holding up my sign. I see that the front limo has the windows down. No one else thought to shout. (Mostly Obama supporters there.) I shout, "JESUS IS LORD!! YOU WILL FAIL!! JESUS IS LORD!!" Then an Obama supporter thinks to shout, "Obama". But they are weak and not as loud as me -- and it was lame of them. They weren't comfortable shouting. I shout again immediately, "JESUS IS LORD!!"

Meanwhile, the motorcade is pulling out in front of us. So, the limo with the windows down heard me. I shouted loud. I did not personally see Obama, but a gal to my right and a little further back said she personally saw him clearly.

Basically, I"m in afterglow. I had my sign stating my dominion, my authority, and that Obama has none. Obama has zero spiritual authority. And I shouted the declaration of "Jesus is Lord. You will fail." My sign also states that Victory is Imminent with a symbol of Satan's power being crushed and broken through the cross.

I am the apostle of Revelation 12. I am the leader of the Christian church on USA soil and thus, because this is a Christian Kingdom Nation -- the literal leader of the Christian nation.

I've taken authority over the 666 beast and his system on this nation's soil.

An incredible anointing moved from me standing there with my sign and it's declaration, and shouting like that.

We're in dominion in Christ in the Spirit. We need only emerge and declare it in faith, and God will manifest our victory in Jesus. God will literally drag Obama straight out of office and throw him off of USA soil. (That's exactly what God will do at the time of our rapture fully -- but it began at a "new level" today.)